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This website www.deadmanshand.us is a content driven poker affiliate enterprise that stands head and shoulders above the rest in the business. Where others fill their sites with hollow words, factual errors and straight out lies, deadmanshand.us stays with the facts. Stylish and lavish flavour texts are confined to the front page while the in-depth material lurks at the subpages. All content has been carefully selected and compiled to appease the targeted visitors; namely, poker players looking for enlightenment and entertainment. The poker room reviews, the strategy guides, the promoted websites, the bonus codes, even the flavour texts are all extremely qualitative and won't disappoint the questing visitor or lead him astray.

We, the people behind www.deadmanshand.us, are two old time, present time & big time poker players and online entrepreneurs with a juggling festival worth of balls in the air and a train load of pokers in the fire. We know the business and we know the game and our sole purpose with this website is to present visitors with relevant poker information in palatable and bite sized chunks. We hope you will enjoy your meal.